Hideo Kitaoka

Hideo Kitaoka: 3de generatie traditionele meestersmid.

Geboren: 23 maart, 1950 Takefu Japan.

Hideo Kitaoka word gezien als een van de beste messenmakers in Japan, Zijn specialiteit zijn de traditionele messen zoals de Deba, Usuba en de Yanagiba's. Een aantal van zijn Yanagiba messen hebben diverse prijzen gewonnen op messenbeurzen.

"I was born on March 23, 1950. It has been over 30 years since I succeeded our family business of pounding knives. I have been doing my best to learn skills a little bit at a time from watching how my father worked. There has been many times when I felt frustrated, but it is fun and really enjoyable to make 10 or 20 knives with the same shape by pounding a hammer on red-hot iron lump. I think that’s what the mind of craftsman is. Traditional handicraftsmen requires us to acquire one skill at a time and we have to learn it with our hands and body. I have realized how difficult to keep traditional handicraftsmen. I make Deba and Japanese knives mainly, and I would like to try my best to make amazingly sharp and “cut that-makes-you-feel-great” knives as the 3rd generation."

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